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Boost Your IT IQ: Cool Classes for the Winter Intercession

Winter break and the holidays are fast approaching. Students – have you made plans for winter intersession yet? If not, A&S is offering classes during the break for those students interested in gaining extra credit hours and speeding up time to graduation. It’s a great time to pick up an extra class in your major or explore a topic you find intriguing. For example, we are offering a new online course for those students interested in an overview of technologies we use every day. The class, A&S 100 – 230: IT IQ will allow you to sharpen your IT IQ and learn about video conferencing, software installation, internet research tools, and Blackboard basics – just to name a few – and earn extra credit hours in the process. This class will familiarize you with technologies, research tools, and search engines that are important to your success at UK and beyond. Become a better digital citizen and learn about social networking and e-etiquette as you communicate through Facebook, Twitter, email, and blogs. To learn more about the class, click here.

This is one of several classes being offered during the winter intersession. Others include ENG 281 – Introduction to Film; GEO 160 – Lands and Peoples of the Non-Western World; PHI 100 – Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality; and PHI 120 – Introductory Logic. To find out what other courses are being offered and to enroll in any winter intersession classes, contact your academic advisor – the deadline to sign up is November 22.

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