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Internationalization at A&S / Opportunities for Current Students

Opportunities for Current Students






UK students and Shoulder to Shoulder clinic staff in Santo Domingo, Ecuador in June 2019.

A&S students have global connections, and we encourage all students to pursue international opportunities. A few are highlighted below.

Apply for an A&S Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program - Summer 2020

Read about the experiences of students in Thailand and Cambodia as part of a Psychology capstone program led by Professor Peggy Keller.

Explore scholarships available for A&S students

Join a Shoulder to Shoulder Global Brigade in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.
UK sends four brigades of students, faculty, and community members throughout the year to support a clinic- the brigade in early June is a non-clinical brigade, most suited to the interests of students who are in the social sciences and humanities.

Mentor a Lexington High School Student through Leading Latinas

Have an idea for an international opportunity tied to your A&S experience? Get in touch with us at We'd love to hear from you!