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Inclusive Pedagogies Graduate Learning Community

The Inclusive Pedagogies Graduate Student Learning Community is a collaborative space for graduate students to explore how inclusive teaching practices that pay attention to the varied background, experiences, learning styles, and abilities of all learners in a classroom can be used to promote a supportive and open environment that allows each individual to be fully present and feel equally valued in the classroom. To this end, the learning community, organized into four cohorts each led by a faculty mentor, will foreground discussions on race, class, sexualities, and other intersecting identities. The cohorts will meet regularly over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, activities, and reflection related to specific teaching and learning topics around inclusivity. Participants will develop and produce a “toolkit” for inclusive pedagogy that can be used throughout their teaching experiences. 



The Inclusive Pedagogies Graduate Learning Community is sponsored and supported by: