What to expect from Hispanic Studies courses in Spring 2021

The Department of Hispanic Studies is looking forward to another semester of online, hybrid, and in person learning this spring. We know that interpersonal communication and ongoing support are key to learning Spanish. For this reason, the majority of our courses, whether 100% online, hybrid, or traditional, will include live class sessions in order to provide students with ample opportunities to practice and improve their command of the Spanish language. We are confident that we can provide excellent instruction and support to students using a variety of instructional modes and technologies.

All elementary and intermediate courses level SPA courses (101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203) will hold live class meetings following the class schedule listed on myUK. These class meetings will be interactive, with lots of opportunities to use and improve your Spanish. Online only sections will hold their class meetings using Zoom. In hybrid sections, students will attend in person 1 day/week and on Zoom the other 2 days. Regardless of the delivery modality, all exams in these classes will be given using the textbook platform, the VHL SupersitePlus. Instructors for these classes will be available to answer questions via Zoom or email and will hold two regular office hours per week using Zoom.

Our other courses will use a variety of formats: 100% online, hybrid, asynchronous, and traditional in-person. This information is listed on the academic schedule on myUK.

  • 100% online courses: The majority of 100% online SPA courses will hold live class sessions using Zoom. Be sure to save the scheduled course time until you’ve heard from your instructor!
  • Hybrid courses: Students in hybrid courses will attend some days in person and complete some of their work online. Please contact individual instructors for more information about 300- and 400- level hybrid course meeting patterns.
  • Traditional/in-person courses: Students will attend in person on campus most days that the course is scheduled.
  • Online asynchronous courses: these courses will not show a meeting time on myUK. Students will still interact with their peers and instructor in Spanish via Canvas and online sites such as FlipGrid, but there will not be any live Zoom sessions.

How can I get help? All instructors will announce and hold regular office hours each week using Zoom. If you can’t make the scheduled times, reach out to your instructor and ask for a different time to meet. We will also offer free online tutoring using Zoom once a week at La Mesa del Español. See this page for dates, times, and link to these meetings.

How do I find out more? Once the Canvas shell for your course opens, be sure to look there for the latest information about your courses. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the following: