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Certificate of Global Studies / Second Language Coursework

Second Language Coursework

The Certificate of Global Studies demonstrates that you have learned how to communicate in a second language by either:

  • completing the third semester of a language sequence (e.g. level 201), or demonstrating comparable proficiency
  • or completing a single semester of a language not studied in high school, or demonstrating comparable proficiency

Not sure how to demonstrate comparable proficiency? If the language you can speak, read, or write is taught at the University of Kentucky, it’s easy: take a test administered by the U.K. department or institute (such as a placement test).

For other languages, you may use a standardized test or you can ask someone who is fluent in the language to write a letter describing your skills.

Questions about language abilities? Contact the Director of Global Studies, Dr. Rebeccah "Bess" Dawson (