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Certificate of Global Studies / How to Add the Certificate

How to Add the Certificate

The process for adding the Certificate of Global Studies to your transcript is similar to adding a minor and you can complete it online via myUK GPS. If you need help, you can go to the advising office of your primary college (list of colleges available here). Let the person at the desk know that you want to add an undergraduate certificate, and they can guide you through the process. 

You should do this as soon as you decide you want to pursue the Certificate of Global Studies so that it shows up on your transcript and we can be sure your globally-focused courses are counted towards your certificate. Please note: this is not an automated process. After you discuss your coursework with the director, she will then send in your completed requirements, after which they will be shown as completed in myUK GPS.

After you have added the certificate in your college's advising office, please email the Director of Global Studies, Dr. Rebeccah "Bess" Dawson ( so that she can update your record. You wil also need to add yourself to the CGS Canvas site by following this link. You will submit your reflective essays on Canvas.