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Credit-Bearing Education Abroad

The Certificate of Global Studies shows that you have earned at least one academic credit hour (other than credit granted for ISP 599*) while studying, interning, or conducting research in a location outside the United States.**

Examples include credit hours granted by:

  • Credit-bearing programs listed with the Office of Education Abroad at UK
  • Education abroad programs offered by other colleges and universities***
  • Programs of study at foreign colleges and universities***

For any questions on education abroad credit for the certificate, see your academic advisor or the Director of Global Studies, Dr. Rebeccah "Bess" Dawson ( 

Please note:

* ISP 599 is the International Center's course required for all students who are obtaining credit through Education Abroad at the University of Kentucky--it is conducted on campus.

**You must travel to a site outside the United States to meet this requirement, but exceptions may be made for education abroad in Puerto Rico or other US territories overseas.

*** In most cases, you may only use academic credit accepted as transfer credit by the University of Kentucky