Exotic Food on North Campus

Do you feel like you’ve eaten at all the places around North Campus, and want to try something new?  Afraid to veer away from the staples like Jimmy Johns and Pazzo’s?  There are a myriad of restaurants around North Campus that offer great food that you might not have tried or even noticed.  Here’s a few suggestions for the next time you’re craving something different:

Sav’s: A West African restaurant with delicious flavor and low prices, located on the corner of Limestone and Maxwell.  They offer Bowls, which are a combination of rice, potatoes, and a peanut sauce, with different selections of meat.  I highly recommend the goat, it’s amazing! A small bowl is only around $4, and if you’re really hungry, you’ll only have to dole out $7-$8 for a large portion.  They also have Platters, with Ribs, Lamb, Hen, and other delicious meats, and they also offer vegetarian options and salads.  Make sure you try some of Sav’s homemade hot sauce, which is very flavorful and very hot!

Han Woo Ri: A Korean restaurant found on South Limestone, next to Sqecial and CD Central.  They offer a wide variety of menu options, and their menus come with detailed pictures and descriptions of the dish, so even if you’re new to Korean cuisine, you’ll know what you’re ordering.  They offer a daily special, which is always a little cheaper than usual, and if you pay cash, you can get a free soda.  I highly recommend the #1. Bul Go Gee, which is often known as “Korean Barbeque.”  It’s really tender, flavorful slices of beef, served with sticky rice, lightly fried potato sticks, and kimchi.  They also offer a spicy version, if you prefer that. The Steamed Dumplings are great, as well as the Pajun, a Korean style pancake with seafood and two types of onions.  It comes with a really good dipping sauce, as well.  Most of the entrees are usually around $7-$8 dollars, with the special being cheaper.  I highly recommend this restaurant, as everything I’ve ever had has been super hot, super fresh, and super delicious.

Bangkok House: A Thai restaurant on the corner of Avenue of Champions and Rose.  This restaurant always has great service and really good food.  I haven’t ordered much from them, simply because the Pad Thai is so good that I haven’t wanted to stray away from it!  I recommend getting the pork, but all of their meats are tasty.  They can offer all levels of spiciness, from mild to Extra Spicy!  They have a delicious sweet peanut sauce on the table that goes really well with the spicy flavors.  I highly recommend getting an egg roll as well, as they are the best egg rolls I’ve had in Lexington.  I’m sure there are other great menu options as well, and the prices are reasonable, with entrees usually ranging between $5 and $10.

King Tut: A Mediterranean restaurant on the corner of South Limestone and Pine St, next to Two Keys.  The food here is absolutely delicious, and the service is always excellent.  They offer a wide range of Mediterranean options, both meat and vegetarian.  I highly recommend the Shish Kabob, which is the most tender and flavorful, perfectly-cooked beef tenderloin I have ever had.  All of the dinner plates come with the entrée, rice, vegetables, a sauce that complements the entrée, choice of a soup or salad, pita and hummus! It’s so much food, and it’s all good!  They offer daily specials, which are sometimes a combination of two of the entrees for the same price as one, or a totally different entrée, such as Ribeye steak or succulent lamb chop.  If you’ve got a group of two or three, I highly recommend the King Tut Platter… it’s two of just about everything on the menu, all for less than $20. I went with one other person, and we were both stuffed afterwards and had leftovers to last for days!  All of the entrees are typically $6.95, and the sandwiches (a meat, vegetables, and a sauce wrapped in pita) are $4.95. I highly recommend going here.

Hopefully these four suggestions will help you try something new on North Campus that you might really love!

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