Ph.D. Dissertations

Departmental Ph.D. Dissertations


  • (2014) Anderson, Ryan The Value of a Place: Development Politics on the East Cape of Baja California Sur, Mexico Advisor: Lyon
  • (2014) Moreno, Maria Warmikuna Juyayay! Ecuadorian and Latin American Indigenous Women Gaining Spaces in Ethnic Politics, Advisor: Lyon
  • (2013) Chrostowsky, Mary Beth The Effects of Migration on Gender Norms and Relations: The Post-Repatriation Experience in Bor, South Sudan, Advisor: Udvardy
  • (2013) Harnish, Allison Missing "Links": Investigating the Age and Gender Dimensions of Development, Conservation and Environmental Change in a Southern Zambian Frontier, Advisor: Cliggett 
  • (2013) Hedwig, Travis H. The Cultural Politics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Diagnosis of Difference, Advisor: Anglin
  • (2013) Meyer, Patti A. The Health Consequences and Healthcare-Seeking Strategies for South American Immigrant Careworkers in Genoa, Italy, Advisor: Anglin 
  • (2013) Williams, Jennifer L. Advice, Influence and Independence: Adolescent Nutritional Practices and Outcomes in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Advisor: Crooks 
  • (2012) Ellender Compretta, Caroline Growing Gaps: Children's Experiences of Inequality in a Faith-Based Afterschool Program in the U.S. South, Advisor: Crooks 
  • (2012) Loughlin, Michael L. El Meson Regional Survey: Settlement Patterns and Political Economy in the Eastern Papaloapan Basin, Veracruz, Mexico, Advisor: Pool 
  • (2012) Rignall, Karen Land Rights, and the Practice of Making a Living in Pre-Saharan Morocco, Advisor: Cliggett
  • (2011) Fletcher, Rebecca Adkins Global Transformations, Local Activism: "New" Unionism's Engagement with Economic and Health Care Transformation in Urban Central Appalachia, Advisor: Anglin 
  • (2011) Greenough, Karen Strategic Flexibility: Household Ecologies of Ful'Bein Tanout, Niger, Advisor: Little
  • (2011) Meyers, Maureen Political Economy of Exotic Trade on the Mississippian Frontier: A Case Study of a Fourteenth Century Chiefdom in Southwestern Virginia, Advisor: Jefferies 
  • (2011) Moore, Christopher R. Production, Exchange and Social Interaction in the Green River Region of Western Kentucky: A Multiscalar Approach to the Analysis of Two Shell Midden Sites, Advisor: Jefferies
  • (2011) Murphy, Daniel J. Going on Otor: Disaster, Mobility and the Political Ecology of Vulnerability in Uguumur, Mongolia, Advisor: Little
  • (2011) Stephenson, Keith Mississippi Period Occupational and Political History of the MIddle Savannah River Valley, Advisor: Jefferies 
  • (2011) Stoner, Wesley Disjuncture among Classic Period Cultural Landscapes in the Tuxtla Mountains, Southern Veracruz, Mexico, Advisor: Pool
  • (2010) Evans, Carol Jo "Everyday Symbols for Mediation" Conflict and Cooperation over the Management of Cultural and Natural Resources within the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Advisor: Van Willigen
  • (2010) Isenhour, Cynthia Building Sustainable Societies: Exploring Sustainability Policy and Practice in the Age of High Consumption, Advisor: Cliggett
  • (2010) Maggard, Greg Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Colonization and Regionalization in Northern Peru: Fishtail and Paijan Complexes of the Lower Jequetepeque Valley, Advisor: Dillehay 
  • (2010) O'Daniel, Alyson Social Categories and Health Care Outcomes: African American Women and HIV Survival in the Urban South, Advisor: Anglin 
  • (2010) Scott, Mary Alice La Mujer Se Va Pa'Bajo: Women's Health at the Intersections of Nationality, Class and Gender, Advisor: Anglin
  • (2010) Warner, John Interpreting the Architectonics of Power and Memory at the Late Formative Center of Jatanca, Jequetepeque Valley Peru, Advisor: Dillehay 
  • (2009) Meharie, Anduamlak Urban Development and Displacement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Impacts on Livelihoods
    Advisor: Little
  • (2009) Kant, Kristin Painting the Mountains: An Investigation of Tourist Art in North America
    Advisor: Anglin
  • (2008) Ricci, Erin Cultivating change: New products from Costa Rica's countryside
    Advisor: Cliggett
  • (2008) Stackelbeck, Kary Adaptational flexibility and processes of emerging complexity: early to mid-holocene foragers in the lower Jequetepeque Valley, northern Perú
    Advisors: Dillehay & Jefferies
  • (2008) Venter, Marcie Community Strategies in the Aztec Imperial Frontier: Perspectives from Totogal, Veracruz, Mexico
    Advisor: Pool

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