Yesterday I started a video project with two artists I have become friends with.
They are making a music video and need someone to teach them how to edit/edit the video they shot.

They are both photographers.
I am a video editor.

We sit down together and I begin to demonstrate the basics of editing a video.
Immediately one of the artists wants to adjust the colors, contrast and other various elements that I knew nothing about.

So we look at Final Cut's effects and their faces light up. They know what all of the photographic terms mean and they start playing and discussing the features with excitement.

I then show them how long it will take to render their adjustments.
A conclusion is made; it is better to alter the effects after we have done basic editing.

I learned about adjusting color.
They learned about video editing processes and render time.

We then move back to basic editing.
The other artist explains how he wants the video to look, where the cuts should go and so on.
We do a few short edits and the two photographers are floored.
They loved it! It looks great!

I mention, the fact that there is no audio...
Yes, we were editing a music video with no audio.
I explain that it's not the easiest route to take and that matching music to an already cut video is much harder than editing video to a composed piece of music.

We decide to choose a piece of music that reflects the feeling of the film and make a mini music video to it.

While we edit they share ideas with me and I share ideas with them. We discover elements of the work that each of us would have never thought of and are all left signifcantly more advanced than we could have imagined.

After we finish the mini video, we send it to  musician for inspiration. She will compose something based off of our vision and then the final editing can begin.

I will attend several of their video shoots and they are going to be hands on with the editing process.
 I now realize how important collaborations with people from various artistic backgrounds are.

My video edits are going to look much more professional and/or artistic having their influence and
they will be able to edit their work and display their visions exactly the way they want.

Stay tuned for more updates on this collab, I'll post videos soon.

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