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5 Things about Nikki Noe!


1. What do you do in your spare time? 

While keeping up with two kids, I do my very best to make an attempt to go to the drag strip, truck pulls, or dyno events.

2. What is your favorite movie or book?

Major Payne, hands down.

3. Are you a cat person or a dog person (or do you like another species entirely)?

Love them both! I have two cats now, Chevy and Smokey, but hopefully we will be able to get a dog next summer.

4. What is the most interesting/your favorite place you've been? 

Cairns, Australia. Even though we couldn’t swim in the ocean because of the jellyfish, it was by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

I Don't Remember That...

Everything seems to be going ok in the Anthropology course I am taking. Blackboard is actually cooperating for once, and I’ve had no major issues from the system. The first exam becomes available in Anthropology, and I am feeling pretty good about it all, that is I open the exam and the question is completely foreign to me. So of course I begin to immediately panic. Dr. McDonald is coming back from her trip to Europe at this current point and time so we have the TA to fall back on. Although they were both out of my reach (even through email) until I finished the exam. I try my best to calm myself down but that is not very easy when I already have such high test anxieties in the first place.


My son comes up to me and asks, “Mommy, are you going to be ok? Because I will help you, would you like for me to rub your feet?” I couldn’t help but smile and realize that I was becoming so frantic that my kids were picking up on it. So thanks to my 5 year old son I was able to calm down enough. All I could do is keep answering the questions that I knew, and attempt the ones that I didn’t know. However, I would be sending a frantic email to the TA and Dr. McDonald. We were able to be re-take the exam this past weekend, with the correct set of questions, and at least on my end, everything went well.


Oh Statistics… How I Despise You…

Getting into the first week of statistics, life was moving along pretty well. There were very few glitches in the blackboard system of things (minus the fact that the notes for the lectures had gone AWOL). Minor issues resolved things were moving along quite well. I received the information from the other assisting instructor that she needed our proctor information for the exam that we are due to take by July 7.

Back on Track....

So it looks like summer is back in session for me again! I was hoping to get by without having to take any courses this summer but due to some unforeseen circumstances I am enrolled in classes once again. There is a bright side to this though, they are ALL online once again J!!!! I couldn’t be more excited! (I know, I know, it sounds really nerdy to be excited for school but the advantages to being able to take online classes outweighs having to take classes on campus!) I have the ability to work around thirty hours a week here in the Dean’s Office at the College of A&S. I couldn’t have asked for a better job or a better place to work! With the fun, easy going attitude of the staff and faculty in the office, I have only the warm summer air to blame; it just makes this the most enjoyable workplace I have ever worked!

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