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Computer Graphics: Topology


When referring to computer graphics, 3d models and the like, topology is the wireframe of a given object. The wireframe is comprised of all the vertices (where lines meet to form a point), edges (the lines made up of two connects vertives) and from that information the faces can be made (generally have 2-3 connected edges per face). Now, as I pointed out in a previous blog I said that optimization was immportant for computer graphics. Today, I will go over "proper" topology.

Proper Topology?

Proper topology is the arrangement of the wireframe so that enough detail is present in the model while also keeping the polygon (faces) count to a manageable number (as low as possible while keeping necessary detail). In animation, proper topology goes one step further because it allows the model to deform more naturally when moving. (Bad topology example) (Good topology example)

3D and Faking It

Faking 3d

One important aspect to 3D art is optimization. What I mean by this is that, if you make something appear the same or similiar to a more detailed object then that greatly decreases rendering/computing time. This is certainly paramount in video games since the computer must make calculations on the fly but still important in movies because it cost money that is usually determined by rendering time. Without further ado, I will briefly introduce one method to "Faking It."

Normal Mapping

Playing with 3D in Blender

Short Intro of myself

For the past couple months while working with the College of Arts and Sciences I have been doing 3D animation and some 2D artwork.  This blog will be specifically discussing my 3D endeavors in Blender.

Onto the 3D

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