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Lessons in Life

Life is precious…

I had to learn that the hard way this past week. I think many of us seem to forget just how vulnerable we are in this world and while it is true that no one lives forever many of us tend to forget that.

A close family friend passed away this week as a result of a car accident, she was only 23 years old. She was studying in medical school at the University of Louisville. She had her whole life ahead of her, but that wasn’t her fate. While she was driving on the highway she encountered a bike that someone must have dropped and swerved to avoid it, but as she swerved she lost control of her car and crashed into the guardrail on the side. She was transported to UK hospital but the damage was already done. She never made it out of surgery.

Many of us had to deal not only with the sadness of losing someone we care about, but also with such a tragic story. Death can have a silver lining though. It can bring people together who never thought they would speak again, it can bring a community together to grieve regardless of race, religion or color, and help the family by comforting and supporting them, it truly can remind us of how precious family, friends and life really is. And it can change us for the better, when we realize just how fragile human life is.

Freedom is priceless

We should never take our freedom for granted.

As events are unfolding across the Middle East it has become abundantly clear that what we have in this country is so precious.

Imagine what it would be like to have the very basic freedom of peacefully saying what you want to say thwarted by an unimaginable amount of violence. Well that is what is going on today in the Middle East. Hundreds upon hundreds are getting killed in many Middle Eastern countries all because they are taking to the streets,demanding freedom, and they are suffering.

The protests have always been close to my heart because I can’t stand to see people suffering in such an inhumane way, but now it has hit closer to home. My family is originally from Syria, so now I personally experience the struggle in many different ways.I experience it when my uncle tells me that he can't go to the store and get the basic necessities of life because there are military tanks in the middle of the road. I experience it when I hear my grandmother who is crying on the phone because she is so afraid, she is afraid of what is going on, she is afraid that one of her children will get killed or maybe even worse get detained in government custody, she is just afraid, she cries and I cry with her.

Chromebook, the New Frontier

Look out world; a new way to compute is about to hit the market. On June 15 the Chromebook will go on sale in Best Buy and online.This is a revolution in computing, the Chromebook, developed by Google, boasts of an experience that is simple, secure and almost instant in web computing.

The idea is why do you need programs, any program, when basically everything is available on the web. From office products to photo editors, GoogleChrome offers a wide array of applications that are secure and constantly updated automatically. Google says that one of the best features is that you can get on the Internet in 8 seconds after powering on the device, instead of having to wait for the whole booting up process which can seem like forever. Once you're connected you just choose from many apps that are on your account in a "cloud" and perform all of your computing functions.

Many say this is similar to the Iphone environment, regardless the Chromebook could be a pioneer with this new idea that is still unknown to computer users everywhere.

If you want to watch an introductory video about this you can go to :

Happy computing!

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