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What do we do?

In short, we do anything and everything deemed “creative.” Our team is comprised of areas that focus on: Design and Art, Communications/Marketing, Video Production, Social Media, Photography and Audio Production. We assist with many of the projects/initiatives in the college such as international and domestic recruitment, LLP marketing, ASB promotion/development, alumni communications, event promotions and supporting materials, getting the word out about faculty, staff and student accomplishments, podcast series, building and digital signage, and much, much more. 


Summertime tunes

Click this blog post, unplug your headphones, spread the sunshine.

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta "Neu Chicago" Rockmaster Rus B Vocal Edit by rockmasterrusb

Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

A truly amazing, and inspiring lecture by reknown education reformist and creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson. The first clip is an abbreviated version complete with some equally amazing hand drawn animation! Robinson speaks of public school's dated, factory-like, model of processing children like products, and makes a very humorus, but also scary look at the increasing use of medication to numb our children into conformity. Also look out for his TED talks. Have a great weekend!

You can also watch the full, hour-long version of this speech below:


Unbelievable Stop-Motion Street Art Depiction of the Big Bang

Currently, embedded Vimeo content isn't viewable so click the link below to watch this amazing video. Its a combination of graffiti and found objects used to create a stop-motion depiction of the history of the universe that sprawls over an enitre urban landscape. The foresight, patience, and talent behind this video is truly inspiring, so enjoy!

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Will I ever have this much time and this many friends?

Levelator Makes Your Podcasts Sound Great, for Free!

So I have been working on some audio tutorials for my fellow Media Mafia members, here at A&S Online Education. I thought I would share one that I think ANYONE can use. Feel free to watch the video to see Levelator in action, or read the instructions below and download it for yourself!

VIDEO:    If the video embed isn't visable, click the link to watch on Vimeo

Levelator Makes Your Voice Recordings Sound Great, for Free! from John Buckman on Vimeo.

Leveling Audio with Levelator (aka, performing Black Magic)

The Problem:

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