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Born This Way

Born this way

We are removed and alienated from this xenophobic society. 

We are known as the strange, weird, exotic, different, insane, eccentric breed in this world.

They claim that we are emotionally tortured and disturbed, stuck in our own fantasy realm.

We were born this way.

We were born different

We were created to bring abstract viewpoints and color in to this plain colorless space.

We are what make the world different.

We are the fabricators of dreams and ideas that we attempt to bring to life.

Nothing is impossible for us.

We bring enlightenment to the world.

We illustrate what is outside the box from within the box.

We are our own genre of people.

Nothing is impossible through our eyes.

We imagine what we desire.

We will not apologize for the way we are.

They will never be able to wrong this right.

We graffiti this world with much needed splendor.

What DA FONT!!!!

I am a huge fan of fonts. I think they bring personality to a banner, log, poster, or even a word doc. In this blog I will be discussing where to find free cool fonts and how to put them on your computers font library. 

First you need to get on the in-tro-net (Internet) and type in free fonts into google, my favorites are Dafonts.com. Once you find a site you like you should explore all of the different genres of fonts and select some that you think could be used on different projects. Once you find one you like you press download. The font is then downloaded as a .ZIP file in downloads folder, there are usually two or three different files that come inside the .ZIP. You then take the files and drag them into the font library, which is located under Library->Fonts. The font is now in all of the applications on your computer. Have fun exploring the different places to use different fonts to make you piece more visually pleasing!


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