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Discovering My Place

The University of Kentucky is bigger than I understood before I sat wedged in with thousands of my fellow newly inducted freshman (or super junior in my case) and recognized this huge crowd was maybe a quarter of the undergraduate class on campus.  I added the graduate and professional populations and that was when I began to consider UK its own "Learning Town" in the middle of Lexington.

At this point, halfway through what I imagine will be four undergraduate semesters on campus, there is a lot of work but I am engaged with the material and enthusiastic to progress.  I intend to add some of the works I am creating for my classes here.  I intend to build a student portfolio with this bog.  I have some completed work I intend to post here, but I want to see what grade I get before I do.  I suppose I might try to document my overall UK experience in posts like this as well.  Or this might be the only post like this.  Time will tell.

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