Kindle Lending: Libraries of the Future?

Have you ever wanted to read a new book, but didn’t feel like dishing out money or driving to the library? Now, you can lend a book free of cost through Kindle’s Book Lending program, at  People are able to lend out their Kindle eBooks to others for 14 days.  It is free of charge for both parties, but each book can only be lent out one time, and the owner of the book cannot access that book while the person borrowing it is reading it.  Once the borrower has finished the book, they can delete it and it returns to the owner, or if 14 days pass, the book disappears and goes back to the owner.  One great aspect of the site is that you can login using Facebook, so you don’t need to worry about creating yet another account.  The lending process is not immediate, however.  I tried to lend a book after signing in, and it told me that a request has been made.  I am not sure how long that will take, or if it will notify me that my book is ready to read.

Baby Steps

I walk to work. Everyday. I realize that not everyone has this opportunity, and even when presented with it, often times it is not the most logical or efficient means of commuting. Fortunately for me, walking to work is the best way to commute. Stepping out my door, I stick in my ear buds and within 15 minutes or so, I'm at the office. Walking to work gives me a chance to clear my mind and commute peacefully, not having to deal with rush hour traffic. With the morning sun shining down on me, I know it's going to be a good day - and I haven't even had my first cup of coffee.

What DA FONT!!!!

I am a huge fan of fonts. I think they bring personality to a banner, log, poster, or even a word doc. In this blog I will be discussing where to find free cool fonts and how to put them on your computers font library. 

First you need to get on the in-tro-net (Internet) and type in free fonts into google, my favorites are Once you find a site you like you should explore all of the different genres of fonts and select some that you think could be used on different projects. Once you find one you like you press download. The font is then downloaded as a .ZIP file in downloads folder, there are usually two or three different files that come inside the .ZIP. You then take the files and drag them into the font library, which is located under Library->Fonts. The font is now in all of the applications on your computer. Have fun exploring the different places to use different fonts to make you piece more visually pleasing!


Photoshop Express application

I've recently joined the iPhone cult, finally laying the 2 year old Nokia premium go-phone to rest. I'm not big on filling my phone up with alot of stupid games and apps like "ghost tracker" or a "fart app" (yes, that's a real app), however one worthwhile application that I've stumbled upon is Photoshop express. This app takes the very basics of Photoshop and puts them at your fingertips. You can edit photos on the fly right when you take them or you can choose photos from your camera roll. It really does an awesome job at doctoring up your pictures on an already awesome picture taking device. The best thing about it is that it is, surprisingly, a free application. Basic tools but its a good way to doctor some photos if you plan on sending them via text or uploading straight to Facebook or Twitter.

Organization with: Springpad

I was looking for an audio recording app for my Android when I stumbled on this:

This handy app does quit a bit and I am very excited to use it.

It’s an organizational tool that is comprised of, “Notebooks.”

You can add as many Notebooks as you like, label them, and change their color.

Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

A truly amazing, and inspiring lecture by reknown education reformist and creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson. The first clip is an abbreviated version complete with some equally amazing hand drawn animation! Robinson speaks of public school's dated, factory-like, model of processing children like products, and makes a very humorus, but also scary look at the increasing use of medication to numb our children into conformity. Also look out for his TED talks. Have a great weekend!

You can also watch the full, hour-long version of this speech below:



While I was taking an online class (PSY 311), the professor, Dr. Golding, prompted us to think about what memory means to us and how it affects our lives.  At first, I thought about how memory enables me to pass a test, or beat a video game, function at work or in my social life.  After thinking about the question for some time, however, I realized that without memory we would be nothing more than plants.  As a species, we would have no consciousness and be essentially mindless.  Naturally, one hears about certain people who have lost the ability to remember their past or form new memories, but they still manage to have some sense of inner memory which enables them to survive.


Yesterday I started a video project with two artists I have become friends with.
They are making a music video and need someone to teach them how to edit/edit the video they shot.

They are both photographers.
I am a video editor.

We sit down together and I begin to demonstrate the basics of editing a video.
Immediately one of the artists wants to adjust the colors, contrast and other various elements that I knew nothing about.

So we look at Final Cut's effects and their faces light up. They know what all of the photographic terms mean and they start playing and discussing the features with excitement.

I then show them how long it will take to render their adjustments.
A conclusion is made; it is better to alter the effects after we have done basic editing.

I learned about adjusting color.
They learned about video editing processes and render time.

We then move back to basic editing.
The other artist explains how he wants the video to look, where the cuts should go and so on.
We do a few short edits and the two photographers are floored.
They loved it! It looks great!

I mention, the fact that there is no audio...
Yes, we were editing a music video with no audio.

30 Minute Work Intervals

During the first few weeks of my internship, I needed to learn the basics of the company - how it works, the nuances, dynamics, and the office jargon; and how I'd fit and be needed.

Flustered by the amount of information before me, and an ever-building workload, I decided to break up various components of my job into 30-minute segments.

I would sit down and dedicate the first 30 minutes of my time in the morning to checking email, and reading blogs (pertinent to the company, of course!).

Then I would delegate another 30 minutes to reviewing the history of the company.

After that I would work on design - learn programs the company uses and do any sort of design work that they needed done that I was capable of doing.

After each 30-minute period, I would move on to something else.

This technique worked wonders for getting things done!

I was able to return to previous projects for another 30-minute period later, but with different information and insight that I had accumulated from all of my other projects.

Social Media and Self-Representation: a Selective, Self-Imposed Surveillance

As of late, I have been intensely interested in how people of my general age bracket (25-35) represent themselves online, and why they represent themselves in the ways that they do.  Unfortunately, this post will probably raise more questions than answers, but I hope to begin a dialogue that will enrich our awareness of how social media, self-knowledge, and self-representation intersect. 

At work, my colleagues and I have regular conversations and debates about the usage of Facebook and other social media.  What purpose does it serve?  How do people use it and misuse it?  How much is too much?  My part in the great Facebook debate always turns to how annoying all the blatant self-promotion is that some folks enjoy on one hand, or public self-flagellation on the other.  I am sure, however, that if you went through past status updates you would find that I am guilty of this from time to time as well, almost without awareness. 


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