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Black Women, Incarceration, and Civic Agency

Davis Marksbury Building, Theater
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Bridgette King (Auburn University), Tayna Fogle (Catholic Action Center, Lexington), DaMaris Hill (UK), Melynda J. Price (UK)

Black women turn out to vote at higher rates than any other group of Americans. They are also incarcerated at twice the rate of white women, and have been incarcerated at higher rates than black men since 1980. This interdisciplinary panel explores black women's experiences at the intersection of citizenship and criminal justice from the perspectives of law, social science, literature, and lived experience.

Damaris Hill. Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English literature in the Department of English at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Hill is the author of A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing, a book of poetry on black women’s incarceration, and Amazon #1 best seller in African American Poetry.

Melynda J. Price. William L. Matthews, Jr. Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky and Director of the Gaines Center for the Humanities. Dr. Price’s research focus on black women’s activism and criminal justice.

Bridgett King. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the MPA program at Auburn University. Dr. King is an expert on felony disenfranchisement and black political participation.

Tanya Fogle, Alumnus of University of Kentucky, former Lady Cat, Community activist with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  Ms. Fogle draws on her own experiences with felony conviction and political rights restoration to advocate for the re-enfranchisement of individuals with felony convictions in Kentucky.