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The College of Arts & Sciences initiated its first Student Ambassador Program in the Fall of 1999. The purpose of this highly selective group of A&S students is to promote pride in a liberal arts education and to assist in strengthening the identity of both the College of Arts & Sciences and the University of Kentucky. The A&S Ambassadors develop leadership and communication skills while representing the College to visitors, alumni, and prospective and current students. For more information about the A&S Ambassador Program, please contact


A&S Ambassadors have a wide range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Participation in UK recruiting efforts such as Preview Nights, Open Houses, and other high school outreach
  • Service to fellow students in the form of Merit Weekends, K-week, Admitted Student Days, and additional A&S events.
  • Assisting with planning and implementation of all College of Arts & Sciences International Initiatives
  • Representation of the college during Homecoming and at other alumni meetings, receptions, Advisory Board activities, and similar events deemed appropriate by the Dean of the College
  • Creation of original content for the A&S Ambassador website
  • Coordination of a college-wide service project