Engineer Multi-Dimensional Cell Membrane-Coated Nanomaterials to Combat Bacterial Infection

10/11/2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s): 
Dr. Yue Zhang

Abstract: Designing a biomimetic nanoparticle is a challenging topic. Despite the advances in surface chemistry and material science, it’s still impossible to fully replicate the complex interface that presents in nature. Besides, the bottom-up method fails to prevent the exposure of foreign material when administrated in vivo. To solve this challenge, we directly fuse the natural cell membrane onto the synthetic cores. This top-down method quickly generates natural stealth for the synthetic material and preserves the biofunction from the resource cell. Due to its unique properties, cell membrane coating technology displays great potential in the field of drug delivery, detoxification, vaccination and biosensing. In this talk, we will be discussing the applications of cell-membrane coated nanoparticles (also known as “nanosponge”) in treating bacterial infection. Instead of direct inhibiting the bacteria growth, nanosponges neutralize the virulence factors that bacteria secrete to subvert immune surveillance, which is known to place less evolutionary pressure in inducing antibiotic resistance. In the first thrust, antivirulence efficacy is carried out solely by biomimetic nanosponges. Two types of cell membrane from different origins are explored in this direction. In the second thrust, nanosponges are mixed with the supporting material to form a stable composite, which in turn boosts the antivirulence efficacy of the nanosponge. Together, cell membrane coating technology offers us a great tool to solve the clinical challenges by mimicking the biological events happening at the natural biointerface.

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