Teaching English as a Second Language

English Teaching Master’s Degree

The University of Kentucky announces a new Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This program is designed to prepare non-native English teachers to teach English as a second or foreign language.

MA Program Requirements

  • 36 Graduate Credits
  • One Year (Summer - Summer)
  • Teaching Internship Supervised by Faculty
  • Teaching Practica in local ESL Programs
  • Professional Teaching Portfolio (no thesis requirement)

What Distinguishes the Program

  • Opportunities to Teach English in U.S.
  • Supervised Internship
  • Classroom Research Projects
  • Reflective Practice Modeled & Supported
  • Course Work Combines Theory and Practice
  • Social Theories of Language Learning
  • Focus on Human Cognition & Second Language Development

Course Offerings

English Language & Culture

  • MCL 575: Introduction to Linguistics (3cr.)
  • TSL  560: Second Language Literacy Development in the ESL Classroom  (3 cr.)
  • TSL 675: English Grammar:  Analysis & Pedagogy (3 cr.)
  • MCL 665: Second Language Curriculum & Assessment (3 cr.)

Second Language Learning

  • MCL 517: Second Language Acquisition (3 cr.)
  • MCL 690: Culture, Cognition and Second Language Learning (3 cr.)
  • Elective Course: 500/600 Level Course offerings in College of Education/Linguistics (3 cr.)

Second Language Pedagogy

  • MCL 510: Second Language Teaching Methods: Young Learners (3 cr.)
  • MCL 610: Second Language Teaching Methods: Advanced Students (3 cr.)
  • TSL 697: English Teaching Internship (9 cr.)

Job Benefits

TEFL/TESL master’s degree is highest degree in field.  This degree combined with teaching experience gained through the program prepares teachers to work in universities, business programs or public schools.

Application Requirements

  • TOEFL Exam
  • GRE
  • 3 Letters of Reference
  • Personal Essay

Online Application to Graduate School


Contact Information

Dr. Francis Bailey
Director of TESL MA Program
Associate Professor
Modern and Classical Languages
1051 Patterson Office Tower
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506

Website: mcl.as.uky.edu/tesl
E-mail: francis.bailey@uky.edu
Phone: 859-257-7025