Center for English as a Second Language

The Center for English as a Second Language can support Chinese students in 2+2 programs with the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky. Support programs include:

  1. English as a second language training programs at partner universities in China during students’ first two years in 2+2 programs. Training can be:
    • Continuous: 12-month training to build students’ English language skills.
    • Summer only: 1 or 2 month courses during summer months to maintain students’ English language skills.
  2. On-line ESL programs for 2+2 students, during the students’ first 2 years of study at their home universities in China
  3. Summer language and culture programs in the United States for 2+2 students.
    • After students’ first year in China: 2–4 weeks on the University of Kentucky campus. Program to focus on language skills, orientation to U.S. higher education, cultural activities, and trips to New York and Boston.
    • After students’ second year in China: 4 weeks in Kentucky. Program to provide a bridge to students’ academic degrees, sharpen academic language skills, and build knowledge of U.S. academic culture.
  4. English for Academic Purposes training at the University of Kentucky. As needed, students can take these classes while enrolled in their discipline at the University of Kentucky. English for Academic Purposes classes ensure that students acquire the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills required for success at the University of Kentucky.