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A New Age of Science at UK

by Gail Hairston

(July 1, 2014) — Excitement is building as construction begins for the University of Kentucky’s new Academic Science Building. Scheduled to open in Fall of 2016, the building is designed to make learning engaging for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, teachers and visitors.

Construction only recently began, but the new structure is already touted as UK’s next iconic landmark building, rivaling Memorial Hall and the William T. Young Library.


In a recent podcast about the new science building, College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean Mark Kornbluh discussed the building’s interdisciplinary potential, as it will house different science disciplines with teaching and research across those disciplines.  He also talks about the “integrative” nature of the building.

“It will be integrative in that it’s designed purposefully to integrate from the most entry level science classes to the most advanced science classes and research in the university. It is also integrative in that it’s designed to integrate from basic to applied integrate research and teaching,” said Kornbluh.

With plenty of space for both students — undergraduate and graduate — and faculty — researchers and teachers — to work and relax together, UK leaders are expecting a community of 21st century scientists to flourish and prosper.

“This truly is what makes science education different at the University of Kentucky from other universities and colleges in Kentucky,” Kornbluh said.

Different, indeed. For one thing, there will be no traditional classrooms; glass walls throughout are designed to capture the imagination.

“I have no doubt this is going to make science fun,” Kornbluh said, “not only make it fun, but it's going to make it practical.  It's going to show students the wide variety of careers — the open doors for them in the future — having been a science major at the University of Kentucky.”

Photo: Construction crews tear down Donovan Hall at the corner of Rose St. and Huguelet Dr. where the new Academic Science Building will stand.