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Outstanding Student Employees

Each year the University of Kentucky seeks nominations from managers of students across campus to find the most outstanding of our student employees. This year, they received 42 nominations from healthcare, colleges and central services. A&S student employees represented 13 of those 42 nominees. Below are all of our fabulous student employees that were nominated by their managers for consideration as the UK Student Employee of the Year:

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Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

The College has one open job posting on the UK job website for a College Financial Specialist, Level 43.  The deadline to apply is April 26 (Sunday).  Due to the upcoming retirement of Beverly Clayborne in the Department of Political Science there will be a Department Manager job opening up in July.  When that position is getting ready to be posted I will let you know.       

There are a couple of key dates and events to pass on as calendar reminders.  First, UK Staff Appreciation Day is on Thursday, May 21, 11:00 am-2:00 pm at Pieratt Field and the Hilary Boone Tennis Center. There will be free food, live music, t-shirts, exhibits, caricatures and more.  This event is sponsored by the Office of the President and coordinated by the Staff Senate, and brought to you by the Appreciation Day Commission.  Secondly, the A&S Staff Service and Outstanding Staff Awards Ceremony is Tuesday, June 6, 11:00am-1:00 pm.  A full lunch will be provided.  More details on location will be coming soon in future newsletters. 

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Meet Christine Gildersleeve, Department of Chemistry

Christine and son, Joey

Hi y’all! My name is Christine Gildersleeve. It’s almost easier to tell you where I am not from, than where I am from. I was born into a military family which meant that from the get-go I was on the move. Born in Texas but raised predominantly in the Pacific Northwest (or PNW as us Seattleites call it) I have always felt an innate desire to be close to the ocean. As a child I spent many of my vacations in the Southern Outer Banks (SOBX) of North Carolina. My mother is a Carolina girl and my father actually got transferred back to her home town when I was in high school. It was a lot of fun going to the same high school as my mom and having my extended family close-by.

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Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

UK Healthcare is also hosting its annual Health Conference for Women on June 1, Saturday, 7-2:15 pm, at the Embassy Suites in Lexington.  The conference is designed to educate women with the most up-to-date health care information in a fun and relaxed setting.  This year’s conference will include 15 presentations on a variety of women’s health topics.  Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of health screenings, including blood pressure and stroke risk assessment, visual acuity, facial skin analysis, and more. The event also includes a continental breakfast, a lunch with entertainment, giveaways and an exhibitor fair featuring a variety of products and services for women from businesses and organizations throughout Central Kentucky.  The cost for this event is $10 and the deadline to register is Friday, May 17.  To learn more and/or register go to:

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Student Employee Spotlight -- Introducing Brooke Kuerzi

Hello out there, humans! My name is Brooke Kuerzi and I was born in Louisville, KY and grew up in Rowlett, Texas. I am working on a BS in Biology at UK, and I only have two semesters left (fingers crossed!). I chose UK for a couple very simple reasons; it was close to Louisville and my sister was already here. I began as a political science major, and I was convinced that I was going to become a politician, but I quickly realized that I was bored. Nothing felt challenging enough. Having never been a particularly exceptional science student, I obviously picked biology, and here I am today- stressed, miserable at times, but absolutely confident with my choice, and excited for the future.

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Meet Scott Horn


My name is Scott Horn. I was born in Prestonsburg, Kentucky but have lived most of my life here in Lexington. I have one older sister, Ashley, who is married with three children, and they live in Paris (Kentucky). When I was in undergrad I bounced around majors a lot, finishing a B.S. In Math and B.A. In Spanish, but I studied computer science and opera performance as well; only the A&S majors stuck :). A couple years ago I also finished a Masters in Library Science, and before working for UK I had worked ten years for the Lexington Public Library.

Spare Time: I listen to a lot of orchestral music at home, and I’m a bit of a news junkie. I play video games, but don’t own any consoles. Mostly I play adventure or interactive fiction games, my recent favorites being 80 Days, Kentucky Route Zero, and Gemini Rue. I’ve been working on a story for my own interactive adventure game set in the Big Blue Building in 2063, which I’m really excited about.

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Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

I am pleased to announce that the Faculty-Staff Relations Committee is scheduled to meet for the first time on March 26.  Staff members include Aaron Vaught, Brian Connors Manke, Christine Gildersleeve, and Kathleen Harman.  Faculty members include Dr. Chana Akins, Dr. Armando Prats, and Dr. Edith Glazer.  The charge of the committee is to help determine and describe current levels of collegiality and respect among the College, identify areas of issues and concern, identify areas of strength with regard to faculty and staff collegiality in the College, and to recommend ways to improve areas or issues of concern and advance a work environment of respect within the College.  Look for updates of the committee actions in the weeks and months ahead. 

The University of Kentucky Retirement Plan Oversight Committee recently proposed changes to the UK Retirement Plan to become effective July 1, 2015. The proposed changes to the UK community include a streamlined core investment structure with lower fees on investments, loan limits aligned with industry standards, and a minor voluntary plan contribution adjustment.

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Meet Student Employee Carlos Gutierrez

Hello my name is Carlos Gutierrez and I am a native Lexingtonian who decided to stay in Kentucky to support our Cats and get a good education. Although I am studying primarily Chemistry I plan on completing Minors in Physics, Math, and Business. This sounds like handful and it is a lot, at times, especially when work is added nto the mix. I feel that it is important to explore all opportunities while I still can. This conglomeration of minors is a result of my recent transfer into The College of Arts and Sciences from The College of Engineering--and further complicated by the fact that The College of Agriculture was actually my first home on campus. I was allowed to participate in a research internship while still in high school through the department of Horticulture. I hope to continue my education by attending a Master’s program in Business Admininistration or Accounting post my undergraduate graduation.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Dee Beegle

Meet Dee Beagle who works in the POT IBU.

My parents are from Campbellsville, KY and I was born in Frankfort, KY. We moved to Panama City, FL when I was in middle school. I moved to Mobile, AL to go to Spring Hill College. I met my husband, Bud, in Mobile and we have 2 sons. Matthew is 22 and just joined the Marines. Taylor is 20 and attends DePauw University in Indiana. Bud got a job with Lexmark in 2005 and we moved to Lexington 2 weeks before Katrina hit. 

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Building a Successful Student Employee Community

Finding talent, hiring talent and building a community of talent is something A&S prides itself on. We are the best place to work, and we have the best student employees! 

Our goal is simple; create an environment where students achieve professional experiences and involvement in strategic activities.

We want our students to not only gain a degree, but advance with marketable years of experience and knowledge in the increasingly competitive job market. We are proactively setting the foundation of student professionalism by partnering with UK HR Training and hosting professional development opportunities such as Business Etiquette 101.


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