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Video Production & Photography

Functional Team Lead  - Jake Klein

Our goal is to create high quality and engaging short format digital media designed to capture the audience and communicate the happenings within the college. We also create short format documentaries designed specifically to support the college's goals and initiatives. Finally, we assist in the creation of media for classroom use by providing guidance, direction, and video production resources available for checkout.*  Before a project is given the green light, an appropriate marking strategy is established with our Creative Content team. This process ensures that the efforts of all involved will be rewarded with maximum audience reach. 

Video Production

From pre-production to the final product, our team is with you every step of the way. Our goal is to help visualize your idea and present it in a visually engaging way. With each project, we establish how your story needs to be communicated with a variety of professional film production techniques such as camera movement, lighting, and audio production. We assess what tools are needed to effectively capture and tell your story.

Our services include:

  • Marketing and Promotional
  • Short Format Documentaries
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • Video Camera Checkout**
  • Motion Graphics and Animation

**The Video team no longer records one-off lecturers unless it falls under recruitment or philanthropy. We don't have the resources available to devote to the numerous events in A&S without compromising production on projects that are high priority/impact. However, we will take it on if this is part of a series of events or for a conference. We do edit them for you and post them to the website or social media.

**Video camera checkout is available through (simply log in and search "camera")

Video editing takes time. Depending on the time of year and our video/photography workload, expect two to eight weeks for a video to be rendered, edited and ready to post online. If you need your video sooner, please tell us before the event and we will determine if an alternate delivery date is possible.


If you have an exciting event planned, need a new headshot, or something photographed, just let us know! For special events, we create digital photo albums that are published in the department and A&S webpages. If you already have photos and just need an album created, we can do that as well.

Our services include:

  • Promotional and Marketing
  • Professional Headshots
  • Special Events
  • Digital Photo Album Creation

Make your video and photography requests here: