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Ph.D.Candidate, Teaching Assistant
International Relations, Peacekeeping, Methodology
1606 Patterson Office Tower
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Senior Lecturer
161C Jacobs Science Building, Mailing address: 305 Huguelet Dr. Lexington KY 40506, Office Hours: 261M JSB
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Instructional Lab Coordinator Senior
362 Jacobs Science Building
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J.S. Hudnall Professor, Chair
Near-Surface Geophysics, Seismic Hazards, Engineering Seismology, Neotectonics
Mining and Minerals Resources Building
859.218.3536 (Office; Rm 247), 859.257.3016 (Lab; Rm 004)
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Associate Professor Emerita, German Studies
19th and 20th Century Women, Pedagogy, Travel Literature
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Assistant Professor
bioarchaeology, paleopathology, epidemiological transitions, Southeastern North American archaeology, biocultural anthropology
201B Lafferty Hall
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WRD Teaching Assistant
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Teaching Assistant
309 Slone (Geophysics Lab)
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Professor, Senior Adviser to the President, Vice President for Institutional Diversity
311 Main Building
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Associate Professor
Colonial Through Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, Black Girlhood Studies, African American Literature and Culture, Black Print Culture Studies, African African American and Caribbean Literature and Culture
1321 Patterson Office Tower
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Emeritus Professor
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Graduate Student
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
1602 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
859 257-3941
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Graduate Student
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Associate Professor
Transnational Studies, Affect/emotion, Critical Theory, Citizenship and Civil Society, Critical Race Theory, Reproductive Justice
1333 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor Emeritus, Political Science