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Graduate Student
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MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
1302 Patterson Office Tower
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Department Manager
201 Barker Hall , Aerospace Studies
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Graduate Research Assistant
Biomass conversion, Biofuel, Heterogenous Catalysis
2540 Research Park Drive
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Associate Professor
N-122T Agricultural Science Center
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Open Source Technology, Python progamming, Geospatial Web Technologies, Geovisualization, Cartography
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Desktop Support Specialist
915 Patterson Office Tower
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Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Research Director, P20 Motivation and Learning Lab
249 Dickey Hall
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Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
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Associate Professor
Evolutionary ecology, Quantitative biology, Social evolution, Ecological and evolutionary genetics, Mathematical Biology
THM 216
(859) 218-3020
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Graduate Student, MA in Classics
History of Classics, Reception Studies (Classics), Intellectual History, Early Modern Europe, Social Theory, Educational Philosophy, political economy, Marxian Criticism
1022 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Cognitive Literary Studies, Narrative Theory, Cognitive Cultural Studies, 19th Century American Literature
1218 Patterson Office Tower
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19th and 20th Century Social Thought, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, The Frankfurt School, History of Philosophy
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Graduate Student
1706-12 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate- Higher Education and Policy Studies , Graduate Teaching Assistant- Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
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Associate Professor
H164 Chandler Hospital
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Assistant Professor, Health Behavior
A230 2365 Harrodsburg Road
(859) 219-0773 x270
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Digital Media Lecturer, College of Fine Arts
Visual Culture & Sousaphonics
Anywhere, anytime.
859 361 0108
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1118 Patterson Office Tower