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  • Developmental, Social, and Health
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Research Interests:
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Graduate Training

Ph.D. Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1986

Selected Publications: 

Smith, R.H., Hoogland, C.E., & Brown, E.G., (in press). Once a pun a time: Exploring factors associated with perceptions of humorous punning. HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research. 

Smith, R.H. & Van Dijk, Wilco W. (in press). Schadenfreude and Gluckschmerz. Emotion Review.

Smith, R.H., Merlone, U., & Duffy, M.K. (Eds.) (2017). Envy at work and in organizations. New York: Oxford University Press. 

van de Ven, N., Hoogland, C.E., Smith, R.H., van Dijk, W., Breuglemans, S.M., & Zeelenberg, M. (2015). When envy leads to schadenfreude. Cognition & Emotion.29, 1007-1025.

Hoogland, C.E., Schurtz, D.R., Cooper, C.M., Combs, D.Y.Y., Brown, E.G., & Smith, R.H. (2015). The joy of pain and the pain of joy: In-group identification predicts schadenfreude and gluckschmerz following rival groups fortunes. Motivation & Emotion39, 269-281.

Webster, J.M., Hoogland, C.E., Schurtz, D.R., & Smith, R.H. (2014). Excessive image concern and willingness to incur personal cost in the experience and perception of vanity. Self and Identity13, 613-637. 

Smith, R.H. (2013). The joy of pain: Schadenfreude and the dark side of human nature. New York: Oxford University Press.

Powell, C.A.J., & Smith, R.H. (2013). Schadenfreude caused by the exposure of hypocrisy in others. Self and Identity, 12,413-431.

Schurtz, R.D., Blincoe, S., Smith, R.H., Powell, C.A.J, & Combs, D.J.Y., & Kim, S.H. (2012). Exploring the social aspects of goose bumps and their role in awe and envy. Motivation and Emotion36, 205-217.

Combs, D.J.Y, Campbell, G., Jackson, M., & Smith, R.H. (2010). Exploring the consequences of humiliating a moral transgressor. Basic and Applied Social Psychology32, 128-143.

Combs, D.J.Y, Powell, C.A.J., Schurtz, D.R. & Smith, R.H. (2009). Politics and schadenfreude: The secretly happy thing about a poor economy and death. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology45, 635-646.

Smith, R. H. (Ed.). (2008). Envy: Theory and research. New York: Oxford University Press.

Smith, R.H., & Kim, S. H. (2007). Comprehending envy. Psychological Bulletin, 133, 46-64.

Gaines, L.M., Duvall, J., Webster, J.M., & Smith, R.H. (2005). Feeling good after praise for a successful performance: The importance of social comparison information.  Self and Identity4, 373-389.

Smith, R.H., Eyre, H.L., Powell, C.A., & Kim, S.H. (2006). Relativistic origins of emotional reactions to events happening to others and to ourselves. British Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 357-371.

Webster, J.M., Duvall, J., Gaines, L.M., & Smith, R.H. (2003). The role of praise and social comparison information in the experience of pride. Journal of Social  Psychology, 143, 209-232.

Smith, R.H., Webster, J.M., Parrott, W.G., & Eyer, H. (2002). The role of public  exposure in the experience of moral and nonmoral shame and guilt.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83,138-159.

Smith, R. H. (2000) Assimilative and contrastive emotional reactions to upward and downward social comparisons. In J. Suls L. Wheeler (Eds.), Handbook of social comparison: Theory and research (pp.173 -200). New York: Plenum.

Smith, R.H., Parrott, W.G, Diener, E., Hoyle, R.H., & Kim, S.H. (1999). Dispositional  envy.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 25, 1007-1020.

Kim, S.H., Smith, R.H., & Brigham, N.L. (1998). The effects of power imbalance and  the presence of third parties on upward and downward revenge. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 24, 353-361.

Smith, R.H., Turner, T., Leach, C., Garonzik, R., Urch-Druskat, V, & Weston, C.M. (1996).  Envy and schadenfreude. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 22, 158-168. 

Parrott, W.G., & Smith, R.H. (1993). Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 64,906-920.

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