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  • Graduate Student
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706 Patterson Office Tower
Other Affiliations:

Kehelwala D. G. Maduranga

About me

I am a sixth year graduate student in the department of mathematics, University of kentucky. I work with Dr. Qiang Ye in Machine learning, Deep learning forcusing on Recurrent neural networks and its applications to problems in Bioinformatics.


Selected Publications:
  1. Maduranga, K. D. G., Helfrich, K., and Ye, Q. (2018). Complex unitary recur-rent neural networks using scaled cayley transform. In Proceedings of AAAI 2019.arXiv:1811.04142.
  2. Maduranga, K.D. G. and R. Ab lamowicz: Representations and characters of Salin-garos vee groups of low order, Bull. Soc. Sci. Lettres Lodz Ser. Rech. Deform. 66(1) (2016), 4375