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Calvin Chan



My name is Calvin Chan, or as some like to call me 陈德浩. An interesting fact about my life is that my delivering doctor gave my English name to me because my parents’ did not speak English well at the time I was born. This is due to me being a first generation Chinese-American, which I feel like is a safe assumption from my profile picture.

I currently live in Villa Hills, KY in an area more commonly known as the NKY.  I am a Senior Psychology major with pre-med intentions. I was originally born in Chinatown, New York but have lived in Kentucky for over 15 years now.  After I am finished with my undergraduate education, I plan to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. Along with the Co-Coordinator of the Arts and Science Ambassadors, I am also a brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, the Vice-President of the Psychology Honor Society (Psi Chi), and Pre-Med AMSA. I have also served as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Family and Child Development Lab as well as the Center for Drug Abuse and Research Translation (CDART).

If you ever come across me on campus feel free to stop and introduce yourself. I’m always open to new friends. Peace.