Anna Goodman Hoover

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  • Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health
College of Public Health, Room 203B, 111 Washington Ave.
Research Interests:

As a public health researcher, participatory communication scientist, and proud Appalachian originally from the Cumberland Plateau, I support regional population health by using communication strategies to support evidence-informed decisions. Professionally involved in environmental health research for more than fifteen years, I have seen first-hand the information-related challenges that individuals and communities experience when identifying and addressing environmental health concerns. My work centers on on developing and implementing processes that encourage community-engaged, evidence-informed health actions, and I could not be more pleased to be using these approaches in my home region.


Ph.D., University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information

M.A., University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information

B.A., Centre College (Double Major: History and Theatre)

PubMed Publications*: 
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