Untenured Professors and Newly-Hired Tenured Professors

Mandatory items submitted to the Department Chair:

  • An updated CV
  • A completed Summary Reporting Form for Teaching.  
  • A brief research plan:  Briefly describe in summary form the overall research plan you are following at this stage in your career, and the directions of your research activity since the previous review. In particular, indicate how this activity fits into your overall plan. (Limit to one page)
  • A completed departmental Merit Evaluation Report (choose your department below).  Please be sure to include all course syllabi for the review period. 

Anthropology (Word.doc)
Biology (Word.doc)
Chemistry (Word.doc)
EES (Word.doc)
English (Word.doc)
GWS (Word.doc)
Geography (Word.doc)
Hispanic Studies (Word.doc)
History (Word.doc)

Linguistics (Word.doc)
Mathematics (Word.doc)
Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Word.doc)
Philosophy (Word.doc)
Physics (Word.doc)
Political Science (Word.doc)
Psychology (Word.doc)
Sociology (Word.doc)
Statistics (Word.doc)
Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (Word.doc)

To be kept on file by you AND by your department:

  • Copies of ALL course syllabi

To be kept on file by you:

  • Copies of ALL end-of-semester evaluative course comments
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