"Throwing Out" a Test Question in Blackboard

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As a professor, if there is a question in one of your tests that needs to be "thrown out" (either by giving everyone points for the question or just deleting it from the test itself) this is possible!  This is true even if the test has already been submitted and graded.

Please refer to the video below on how to do so, or continue on to the written steps.


1. Go to the Test
Go to where the test is deployed in your course, or find it in the Grade Center.
2. Select "Edit the Test"
Select the chevron next to the test name and then select "Edit the Test"
3. Delete Question or Make it Extra Credit
At this point you will see all of the questions for the test you selected. You can delete a test question by either selecting the box to the left of the question and then selecting the delete button, or you may select the chevron to the right of the question and select "delete" from the menu that appears. To make a question worth extra credit points, simply click on the point value to the right of the question and then select "extra credit" from the menu that appears. Be sure to select submit after checking the extra credit box. Select "OK" in the bottom right corner of your screen when you are complete.
4. You're All Done!
The test question should now either be deleted from the test or counted as extra credit.
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