Student Responses Not Appearing in Discussion Board

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This is a tutorial regarding student responses to discussion boards not appearing for instructors. 

1. Student Response not appearing?
This is currently a known issue with Blackboard. Sometimes when people paste content into the text editor for discussions from Microsoft Word or other rich content editors extra HTML code is added to the bottom that blocks the visibility of replies to that message. This usually happens for people using Macs with the Safari browser. The solution is to edit the post by removing the
tag or

tags at the end of the post and the replies will be made visible.
2. Another option:
When you copy over an assignment directly from Microsoft Word, the text carries with itself HTML codes that Blackboard does not recognize. This does not happen all the time and it depends on what formatting and stylistic changes you have done to your Word document. The solution to this problem is to type the assignment directly in Blackboard, or use Notepad (built directly into Windows) to type the assignment. You can then format the assignment within Blackboard. This will avoid the coding issues that have been creating the errors. Students should be discouraged from copying and pasting from word and the html should be examined as well when investigating posts disappearance.
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