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SharePoint - Opening Documents with Explorer

This tutorial will show you how to open a SharePoint document library as a standard Windows Explorer folder so you can drag & drop files and create and move folders around easily.


Note: This will ONLY work in IE (Internet Explorer )



Select the document library you're working with, then click on "Library" under the "Library Tools" in the top navigation.

Tutorial step

On the right-hand side of the ribbon, select "Open with Explorer"

Note: be patient, it will take several seconds before a pop-up dialog box appears asking you to enter your link blue credentials again. You will then will have to wait several seconds again before the Explorer windows opens up.

Tutorial step

Once the library opens up in an Explorer window, you will be able to use it as you would any regular folder on your computer

Ex: you'll be able to drag & drop files and folders, right-click and create new folders...etc.

Tutorial step