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The course links on the left side of your Blackboard course, which are also known as menu items or tabs, can be turned on and off. When it is turned off, students cannot view it, and even though it is visible on your end, it does not necessarily mean that the students can view it.  Also, the Assignments tab has been turned off by default, so if you want to use that menu item, you will have to make it available.

1. Step 1
You can tell whether a menu item is available or not by looking at the icons next to it. A gray square with a white square inside it and a black diagonal line (see image) means that that item is not available.
2. Step 2
The other icon, which is a gray square with a black dotted-line square inside it (see image) means that that item is empty and has no content within it. If it does not also have the unavailable icon, then it is still view-able by the students, even if it is empty.
3. Step 3
To make a menu item available, click the little gray arrows next to the menu item.
4. Step 4
You can choose "Show Link."
5. Step 5
If you want to hide a link, you can click the same arrows and choose "Hide Link."
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