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Reading the Master Budget Report

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The Master Budget is high level overview of the departments funding and sources. It is broken down by recurring budget items and non-recurring budget items.


Step 1

Log in to Share Point portal (College of Arts and Sciences website under Resources)

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Step 2

Open the Chair Reports folder located in your department's main folder

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Step 3

Open the Master Budget Report

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Step 4

Tab 1 of the spreadsheet is for the recurring budget. The department recurring budget includes a summary grid: Revised Recurring Budget Summary – description of the budget, General Funds given by the State, General Funds – Estimated Income generated by accounts bringing in income for the fiscal year, Grant Funded Positions, Non-General Fund-Restricted Estimates, and Notes provided by ASBC staff concerning the budget

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Step 5

Tab 1 of the spreadsheet is for the recurring budget. This first grid is a summary and the second grid is a detail of the base personnel account. This includes the job, position number, position description and base amounts.

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Step 6

Tab 2 of the spreadsheet is for the non-recurring budget which will include multiple grids. Grid one – Summary which lists the account type and commitment amount. Grid two – Detail of all non-recurring accounts which is expanded off of grid one. This will include the type, account number, description, and budget amount. This grid can also be filtered so you can alter the view as needed. Some departments may have more grids which could include fund balances from prior years.

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