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Reading the Budget vs. Actual Expenses Report

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The Budget vs. Actual Expenses report will track monthly expenses against the budget amount. The report is broken down by each account in column A (state, income, VPR, agency, endowment and gift, etc.). There are a total of 15 tabs in this report: Tabs 1-3 are account summary, summary by month, and data set and Tabs 4-15 are the fiscal year months (July-June). 


Step 1

Log in to Share Point portal (College of Arts and Sciences website under Resources)

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Step 2

Open the Chair Reports folder located in your department's main folder

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Step 3

Open the Budget vs. Actual Expenses Report

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Step 4

You will notice two reporting dates on the top of the budget vs. actual expenses report. The first will be ‘report date’. This report date will be updated every time the spreadsheet is opened. The second date will be for "All Budgets and Actual Postings as of…”. This line shows the date of the most recent update to account information from central. It will be updated at the close of each month.

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Step 5

The first tab will be the department's account summary, which includes further detail than the Master Budget Report. All of your department's accounts are listed and are further broken down into expense categories. The first four columns will describe the account type, account name, account number, and the expense category. The following four columns will contain the numerical amounts for each expense category for the account which includes the expected budget, year to date actual postings, year to date encumbrances, and available balance. The grey bar at the bottom of each account will list out the totals with the available balance being at the end.

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Step 6

The second tab will be the department’s summary by month running on the fiscal year (July – June). As a new month posts you will see additional columns being added to this tab. This information will be the same as the account summary but it provides a way the department to see expenses by month.

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Step 7

The third tab will be the data set for the budget vs. actual expenses report. The data set will be updated monthly. This will detail every general ledger (expense type/category) that has been used so far for the account and will list the total amount of charges that have posted and encumbered. The data set is then used to update tabs one and two.

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Step 8

Tabs 4-15 of the report will detail the months by fiscal year (July – June). This information is the same information as the data set but broken out by that specific month. These tabs will detail every general ledger used on that account with the total amount of charges that have posted and been encumbered.

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Step 9

In every tab of the report you have the option to filter by any column of your choosing. This is a way to help sort out information you are wanting to see. Some of the most popular ways to filter could be my account number, account name, or general ledger number.

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