Post a job or internship

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Content moderators
  • To view the job listings for your department or program, go to 
  • For example: or or This will pull all jobs that are published to your domain and are within the "Ad run time" dates.
  • If you would like your listings to be embedded within a page on your website, please submit a help request at
1. Sign in and click on [ Add content ]
2. Scroll down and select "Job/Internship"
3. Add details
  • Students do not see the "Ad run time". This is only used for setting the duration of time that the ad will be visible.
  • The job listings will show the "Title", "Job type", and "Job description". If a student clicks on a posting, they will see the rest of the details. For a cleaner job posting, please fill out a summary, otherwise the first 1000 characters of the "Job description" will show on the list view.
4. Select where you would like to publish this posting
  • Please do not publish to other departments and programs without notifying them first.
  • By default, your posting will be published to these websites: 1) your current department/program, 2) the College of A&S ,3) A&S Students, and 4) Learning Amplified: Leading Through the Liberal Arts.