How To Register TurningPoint Devices on Blackboard

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This tutorial will cover how to register a ResponseCard Device ID and ResponseWare ID for TurningPoint in Blackboard.

1. Go to the Course
Log into Blackboard and navigate to the course where the TurningPoint device needs to be registered.
2. Go to "Tools"
Once you are within your course, go to the course menu to the left of the course and select the "Tools" options from the list.
3. Go to "Turning Technologies Registration Tool"
Once you are in the "Tools" page, scroll down until you find the option "Turning Technologies Registration Tool." Click on the link.
4. Register ResponseCard Device ID
Once you have clicked on "Turning Technologies Registration Tool," you should see a list of a the students within the course. Next to each student's name on the right is a column for "ResponseCard Device ID." Click on "Register ResponseCard Device ID" next to the student's name you wish to register for, then type in the six character hexadecimal device ID located on the back of the ResponseCard below the barcode. Once this is done, click "Register." A message should appear that the device has been successfully registered.
5. Register ResponseWare ID
To the right of the "ResponseCard Device ID" column should be a column labeled "ResponseWare Device ID." Click on "Register ResponseWare Device ID" then enter your ResponseWare email address (username) and password. Click "Register." A message should appear that the device has been successfully registered
6. Additional Notes
To have students register their own devices, you may choose the option at the top of the "Turning Technologies Registration Tool" page to "E-mail unregistered students." This will take you to a page where you may send a message to students who still need to register their devices. To contact TurningPoint customer support, you may call 1-877-726-4602 or visit their site at
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