How to edit profiles in the directory

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Instructions for editing profiles in a department directory.

1. Log In
Log into the site using your link blue ID and password.
2. Find the user
In the directory find the user that you want to remove or edit, click on their name. If you want to add a user and they do not have a profile, use the tutorial to create a profile. If they already have a profile use the one they have and just edit it.
3. Edit
Click the edit tab.
4. Full Name
Add the person’s name in the display name box and in the Full name boxes.
5. Admin tab
Classify the person as TA, Faculty, staff, etc. in the “Admin” tab, this will make them show up in the appropriate directory. To remove a person as faculty, staff or TA then uncheck the box.
6. TO ADD: Affiliations tab
In the “Affiliations” tab type in the department/unit that they are a part of and click Add Affiliations, this will assign them to the correct department directory. More than one department can be added here.
7. TO REMOVE: Affiliations tab
In the “Affiliations” tab click the "X" of the department/unit that they should be removed from, this will remove them from the department directory, but it will keep them listed as faculty, staff, TA etc in the college directories.
8. Other Information
Fill out any other information, in the other tabs.
9. Save
Click the “Save” button.