How to create an A&S tutorial

Intended audience: 
Hive staff

This tutorial on creating tutorials for the Arts & Sciences website, and is intended mainly for Hive staff. Yes

1. Log in in to the Arts & Sciences Website, or one of the department sub-sites.
2. Click 'Add content' on the grey Administrator bar at the top of the page.
3. Choose the 'Tutorial' option.
4. Give the Tutorial a descriptive name and some body text.
The body text will appear above the steps you create for the tutorial. It should give an overview of what the tutorial does and who the intended audience is.
5. Add a step to your tutorial.
Each step needs at least a 'Step Description', and all other fields are optional. If you attach an image or file to a step, be sure to click the "Upload" button BEFORE adding another item.
6. If you need to add additional steps to your tutorial, repeat the last step as needed.
7. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page!
Congratulations! You're done!