How to Add Banners to Photo Albums

Intended audience: 
Hive staff
1. LOG IN using your link blue credentials
You can only edit pages if you are a content moderator. Otherwise you are limited to modifying only your profile page(s) and adding comments.
2. Click on “Add content”
3. Select “Basic page”
4. Fill in the “Title”
The title is what determines the URL, leave the "body" field blank.
5. Featured Nodes Settings
Make this page a "Main Feature."
6. Add the Feature Image (banner) and domains
Make sure that during this step you check all the boxes that the feature should be published to.
7. Domains
Make sure that the domains where the features should be published and the domains in the "Domain access options" are the same. Leave "Send to all A&S department sites" check on this step.
8. Click Save
9. Click Edit
Make sure that the banner is appearing on that page and then click "Edit"
10. URL redirects
Click "+Add URL redirect to this node"
11. Change the URL (Part 1)
Copy and cut the text (node/0000000) from the "To" field and paste it into the "From" field.
12. Change the URL (Part 2)
Copy and cut the text (node/0000000) from the "To" field and paste it into the "From" field.
13. Paste URL
Now that the "To" field is empty, paste in the URL for the photo album that you want the banner to go to.
14. Click Save Again
15. Click View
Enter your linkblue username.
Enter your linkblue password.
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