Downloading, installing, and using the campus VPN client (Mac)

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The campus Virtual Private Network client connects your home computer/laptop directly to the UK network and allows you to access protected computer systems within the UK network firewall, such as your office desktop or mapped network drives.
1. In your web browser, go to
2. Log in using your linkblue credentials.
3. Click on Start AnyConnect.
4. Typically the Java detection will fail here, and you will see a screen that looks like this. Click on AnyConnect VPN.
This should start downloading the AnyConnect installer.
5. Go to your Downloads and click on anyconnect-UK.dmg (or similar) to mount the installer
6. Look for the AnyConnect "drive" on your desktop and click to open it. In the windows that appears, click on AnyConnect.
7. Accept installation defaults, and proceed through the wizard.
8. Enter your Mac computer password when prompted, and click install.
9. Find the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and click to open it.
I used spotlight search, but you will also see it in Applications->Cisco.
10. When the program opens, you should see "UK Campus" listed under VPN. Click connect and log in at the prompt.
NOTE: If you do not see "UK Campus" type in "".
11. When the Cisco VPN application is running on your computer, you will see an icon for it on the status bar.
You can connect and disconnect the VPN by clicking on this icon.
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