Avoiding Common Issues with Blackboard Announcements

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All users

When creating an announcement in Blackboard, it is common to just copy the text from Microsoft Word. The text within Word has code attached to it that can cause major formatting issues when copied into Blackboard. Fixing/avoiding this issue is very simple and that's what we will be demonstrating in this tutorial. This method can be used for every text based function in Blackboard, not just for announcements. 

1. Create the Announcement
First, open up the announcement creation page.
2. Copy
Copy your text from Word into the text space on Blackboard.
3. Highlight
Now, highlight all of the text that you have just copied into blackboard.
4. Click
Click the "Formatting" button in the command space above the text box. This will remove all formatting that was copied over from word.
5. Submit
Now click Submit and there should be no formatting issues.
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