Adding Hyperlinks to a Camtasia Production

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This tutorial will show you how to add hyperlinks to your Camtasia video production!  Below the video tutorial is the written step-by-step process!



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1. Step 1
Before adding the hyperlinks complete the slides on which you want the hyperlinks to be present.
2. Step 2
Once the slides are completed, select “Callouts” from the toolbar.
3. Step 3
After you have selected “Callouts” bring down the drop down menu and find the “Transparent Hotspot” option. Select this option.
4. Step 4
Once you have selected “Transparent Hotspot” you should see a rectangle appear on your slide. To the left you can type a message into the Hotspot, such as, “Click here to see a video on this topic” or “Click here for more information.” You should see the words appear on your slide as you type them.
5. Step 5
Now that you have typed in a message, below that is a button titled “Hotspot Properties.” Select this.
6. Step 6
From the properties, select the last option “Jump to URL” and paste the URL that you want the hotspot to go to.
7. Step 7
Repeat the previous steps for every hyperlink that you want present in your Camtasia video.
8. Step 8
Once you are done putting in your hyperlinks and you are ready to publish your video, select “Produce and Share.”
9. Step 9
From here, make sure to select “Custom Productions”
10. Step 10
On the next page, make sure that the recommended “MP4-Flash” is selected.
11. Step 11
You can now produce and share your video!
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