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Violence Against Women; Assault; Victim-impact Evidence; Involuntary Intoxication

Supreme Court
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Unpublished Case
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The defendant beat his victim with a wooden object and attempted to burn her with a blowtorch. He also shot her friend. The victim survived but sustained several injuries requiring hospitalization. The friend died in the hospital. The defendant was indicted by a grand jury on charges of murder, first-degree assault, and tampering with physical evidence. The Defendant argued for reversal of the judgment because of trial court errors in (1) allegedly denying him a fair trial by restricting his expert witness’s testimony; (2) denying his request for an involuntary-intoxication jury instruction; (3) denying his motion for directed verdict on the first-degree assault charge; (4) admitting an unduly prejudicial photograph; (5) admitting prejudicial victim-impact evidence during the guilt phase; and (6) that these purported errors cumulatively denied him a fair trial. Affirmed.

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