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Student Awards and Scholarships


GWS faculty are committed to identifying fellowships and funding opportunities and helping graduate students with proposals and applications. In addition to teaching and research assistantships, funds are available, on a competitive basis, from the College of Arts & Sciences to support graduate student participation in national conferences. A generous gift from Bonnie J. Cox, a former director of the GWS program, provides funding to GWS PhD students to support dissertation related research on a competitive basis. Students can also apply for research funding from intramural sources such as the Association of Emeriti Faculty Endowed Fellowship, the James Brown Graduate Research Award and the Billings-Eller Student Research Award given by the Appalachian Center (See the grad school funding page for more information).  Our GWS graduate students have had success in applying for intra mural funding including a fellowship from the Office of Policy Studies of Violence Against Women, the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Competitive Graduate Fellowship, and the UK Women’s Club Endowed Fellowship.