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Postdoctoral Scholar
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Post Doc
829 Patterson Office Tower
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Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology
Regeneration, Cell signaling, Cell proliferation
211 THM
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Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology
Animal regeneration, immunology, aging, Metabolism
211 TH Morgan Building
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Post-Doctoral Scholar, Linguistic Atlas Project Inventory Specialist
Dialectology, Sociolinguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Language and Pop Music, Literary Dialect, Language and Healthcare, Language and the Law, Pragmatics
004 Miller Hall
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Post Doc
POT 955
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Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar
Social and Political Philosophy, feminist philosophy, Kant & Hegel, Philosophy of Film
1431 Patterson Office Tower
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Ab-Initio Simulations, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, molecular dynamics, density functional theory, Organic Semiconductors, Organic Photovoltaics, pi-conjugated polymers
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Postdoctoral Scholar
LGBTQ+ parent families, developmental psychology, adoption
Kastle Hall 207-I
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Postdoctoral Fellow
Ecological and evolutionary genetics, Biology Ecology
200A Thomas Hunt Morgan Building
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Astronomy & Astrophysics, Photoionization modeling, Quantitative spectroscopy, Reverberatation mapping
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL370
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Mass spectrometry, Organic Chemistry, Lignin and Plant Secondary Metabolites, Analytical Chemistry
A056 ASTeCC Building
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Postdoctoral Fellow
phylogenetics, Madagascar, phylogeography, systematics
T.H. Morgan Building
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Postdoctoral Scholar, Coordinator of Elementary Language Instruction
Transatlantic Studies, Coloniality, Hispanic Heritage and Critical Preservation, Urban Studies, History of Education, Inclusive Pedagogies
1141 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-4640
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Teaching Post-Doctoral Scholar
coups d'etat, International Cooperation, International Law
1659 Patterson Office Tower
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Critical Animal Studies, Multispecies Ethnography, Feminist theory and methods, Environmental Studies, Animal geographies, political economy, food and agriculture
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Postdoctoral Scholar
767 Patterson Office Tower
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Rat models of opioid use disorder, Pharmacological interventions for cocaine-use disorders, Sex Differences in Drug Abuse, Immunohistochemistry, Retrograde tracing, Microscopy, Improving preclinical models
(859) 257-4641
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Speciation Genetics, Ecological Adaptation, Gene Expression, Complex Life Cycles
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Post Doc
827 Patterson Office Tower
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Visiting Assistant Professor
1606 Patterson Office Tower
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University Research Postdoctoral Fellow
Anthropological Archaeology, Lithic Technology; Ritual and Domestic Production, Archaeological Ethics, Gender in Archaeology, Computational Archaeology, Machine Learning, Native American and Indigenous Studies
108A Lafferty Hall
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Assistant Director, Center for Equality and Social Justice
Critical Whiteness Studies, U.S. Cities, Social inequality, race and racialization, alternative agrifood movements, Urban Agriculture
351 Patterson Office Tower
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CP51, CP65
(895) 257-4938, (895) 257-6704
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Teaching Post-Doctoral Scholar
1653 Patterson Office Tower
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Post Doc
939 Patterson Office Tower
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Assistant Professor
Postcolonial and Global Literature, Method and Interpretation, Aesthetics and Politics, Histories of Colonialism and Capitalism
1275 Patterson Office Tower
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Development and regeneration of the vertebrate eye and retina, Photoreceptors, Lens Induction, Neural Crest Cells, Developmental Biology
215C T.H. Morgan Building
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Postdoctoral Scholar
829 Patterson Office Tower
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Blazer Dining, 343 MLK Blvd BL340
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Post-Doctoral Scholar
Language and Healthcare, Latino Communities in the U.S., Language Access Policies, Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition, Spanish as a Heritage Language, Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, Performance Pedagogy
1149 Patterson Office Tower
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University Research Postdoctoral Fellow
human variation, forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, human evolution, population affinity, digital heritage
413 Bradley Hall
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Postdoctoral Scholar
BL 349
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Postdoctoral Scholar
Complex Systems, Evolutionary Dynamics, Multilevel Evolutionary Processes, Theoretical Ecology, Regulatory networks
216A T.H. Morgan Building
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707 Patterson Office Tower
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Post Doctoral Scholar
History of Christianity, Non -Western Christian traditions, Thomas Christians of Southern India, Eastern Religions, Science and Religion
1753,Patterson Office Tower