Spring 2018 Courses

ENG 251: Survey of American Literature I: American Contact Zones

Emily Dickinson. Frederick Douglass. Hannah Foster. Edgar Allan Poe. Phillis Wheatley. Herman Melville. (And many more). In this survey of American literature from its origins through the Civil War, we will cover authors whose names have become synonymous with early American literature, as well as authors whose names you have never heard but will long remember after reading them. A course that spans over four centuries must be selective. We will therefore focus on key literary problems and developments during this period and the social conditions in which this literature was produced—colonization, slavery, revolution, the emergence of women’s rights. Our guiding approach to “America” and “American” literature is through multiple “contact zones”—social spaces of interaction and exchange wherein diverse participants negotiate geographical, social, political, and literary boundaries. This framework opens up a range of topics for our consideration, from the dynamics of colonial encounters to canon formation and reformation. Lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays, discussion on Fridays.

ENG 700: Preparing Future Faculty

The goal of ENG 700 is to prepare students for their Qualifying Examinations and for making the transition to independent research in graduate study and their post-graduate careers. This course will be discussion-focused and include visits from several faculty and graduate students. Students in 700 are required to complete writing assignments and workshops designed to make the transitional period from taking courses-to preparing for exams-to writing the dissertation seem less opaque. Just as importantly, ENG 700 provides a regular opportunity for students to convene with their cohort, a group of colleagues that will serve as a valuable intellectual resource and network of support in the stages to come: oral exams, prospectus writing, publishing, conference participation, fellowship applications, dissertation writing, going on the job market, and transitioning to the first job.


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